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Model Cars Magazine January 2001
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Below is the actual Mack Superliner Truck #55 from Malanga that Dave photographed and measured for his Mack Superliner model. The Mack model pictured above features: corrected chassis, rear suspension, scratchbuilt pusher axle, Pro-Tech headache rack and front bumper, RNK Conversion tires and wheels, photo-etched Mack emblems, Cat 3406 from Clint Freeman Components, riker exhaust stacks were spun on a lathe, plus many more parts. Aluminum fenders were put on after the photo shown was sent to us to complete the truck.
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Here we have an in progress shot below of Dave's impressive scratchbuilding talents in progress. The finished Kenworth C-500 oilfield bedtruck is in the photo at right.
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Dave started with RNK Conversion's C-500 conversion kit and put it on a scratchbuilt frame that has a 400 inch wheelbase. The truck features: Aluminum frame rails, pewter crossmembers, RNK front wheels and tires, rear tires and wheels from Mark Savage, rear suspension is modified from the AMT Autocar dump kit, scratchbuilt bed, tool boxes, winch and winch tower, Cat 3406 diesel engine and was weathered with mud, rust, black wash and pastels. Reference materials and the actual truck photo's were supplied by Richard Mark from RNK. The photo's speak for themselves; this truck is Awesome. Excellent job, Dave.